Synthetic biologists.
Data scientists.

Together, we’re making selective mRNA drugs to cure serious illnesses.

Our goal is to improve patient experience by delivering medicines that will challenge the standard of care and prolong life.


Yusuf Erkul

Yusuf Erkul MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder

Physician entrepreneur who developed an FDA-approved cancer drug at Merck & Co
Burak Yilmaz

Burak Yilmaz MS

President & Cofounder

Has 24 patents and 15 years of RNA/DNA experience
Manfred Kraus

Manfred Kraus PhD

VP, Head of R&D Therapeutics

Matthew Strout

Matthew Strout MD, PhD

VP of Business Development

Firat Ileri

Firat Ileri

Board Member

Joseph Parrella

Joseph Parrella


Pablo Lubroth

Pablo Lubroth MPhil

Board Observer

Gladys Nunez

Gladys Nunez

Board Observer

Stephen DiPalma

Stephen DiPalma MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Balkrishen Bhat

Balkrishen Bhat PhD

Int. Head of LNP Formulation

Cafer Ozdemir

Cafer Ozdemir PhD

Director of Convergence Science & Cofounder

Ryan Landis

Ryan Landis PhD

Principal Scientist / LNP Formulation

Yulia Rybakova

Yulia Rybakova PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Kelly Brock

Kelly Brock

Senior Computational Biologist

Jieni Xu

Jieni Xu PhD, PMP

Senior Scientist, LNP Formulation

Rudy Christmas

Rudy Christmas

Scientist II , Immuno Oncology

Isaak Mueller

Isaak Mueller PhD

Scientist, Synthetic Biology

Sadik Yildiz

Sadik Yildiz PhD

Data Scientist, Computational Biology

Tom Addison

Tom Addison

Senior Associate Scientist, Synthetic Biology

Leona Lee

Leona Lee MS

Research Associate II, Synthetic Biology

Mark Krimmer

Mark Krimmer

Research Associate, LNP Formulation


Edward Benz Jr

Edward Benz Jr MD

Clinical Advisor, Medical Oncology

President & CEO Emeritus of Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
Oliver Rosen

Oliver Rosen MD

Clinical advisor

CMO of Akamis Bio
Peter <br>Blume-Jensen


Clinical Advisor, Cancer Drug Development

CEO of Acrivon Therapeutics and former Head of Oncology at of Merck
Umut Eser

Umut Eser PhD

Machine Learning Advisor

CTO & Co-Founder of Weave
Nikolai Slavov

Nikolai Slavov PhD

Scientfic Advisor, mRNA Translation

Founding Director of Parallel Squared Technology Institute & Professor at Northeastern University
Dean <br>Felsher


Clinical Advisor, Translational Oncology

Director of Stanford Medicine Translational Research & Applied Medicine at Stanford Medical School
Dan Peer

Dan Peer PhD

Scientific Advisor

Vice President for R&D, Tel Aviv University